If there is one festival that sweeps across Bhārata with a wave of joy, music, and vibrance, it is Gaṇeśacaturthi. This cherished Hindu festival is not just about rituals; it’s a celebration of hope, prosperity, and new beginnings, the heart which is the endearing Gaṇeśa Bhagavān, who symbolises wisdom, success, and the removal of obstacles. Curious to know more? Let’s dive into the details of a proportion in the worship ie., the patra-pūjā (worshipping by offering 21 kinds of leaves) as shown below!

No.Saṃskṛta name of the LeafCommon NameBotanical NamePictureMedicinal Benefits
01माचीपत्रम्Common mugwortArtemisia vulgaris linn
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->curing throat problems
->healing wounds
->mitigating vāta & pitta
02बृहतीपत्रम्Worm WoodSolanum indicum linn
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-> reducing fever
-> curing sore throat
->refreshing the palate
->regulating breathing
-> curing heart related troubles
03बिल्वपत्रम्Stone AppleBilva Aegle Marmelos
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-> controlling diarrhoea, dysentery & pitta related illnesses
-> destroying phlegm, fever
(generally worshipped in two-s and hence the name )
Durva grassCynodon dactylon (linn) pers
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-> purifies blood
-> removes the defect of pitta and phlegm
05धत्तूरपत्रम्Datura /
Thorn Apple
Datura stramonium
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-> relieves asthma, malaria, heart disorders, earache and baldness
06बदरीपत्रम्Indian JujubeZizyphus mauritiana Lam
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Cures –
Sore throt
Inflammation of mouth
Eye diseases
Remedy for itching & vomiting process
07अपामार्गपत्रम्Pricky chaff flowerAchyranthes aspera
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->Nerve tonic
->Sharpens memory
->Strengthens the stomach
08तुलसीपत्रम्Holy Basil Ocimum sanctum
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An effective cure for –
Fevers, sore throat, respiratory disorders, Kidney-stones, heart Disorders, children’s ailments, stress, mouth Infections, insect bites, skin / eyes / teeth disorders & head-aches
09चूतपत्रम्MangoMangifera indica
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Increases blood, flesh and Strength
mitigates vāta
10करवीरपत्रम्Indian oleanderNerium odoratum / indicum
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->regulates metabolism
-> reduces evers & eye diseases
->Cures leprosy and itching
11विष्णुक्रान्तपत्रम्Wild jasminaJasminum angustifolium  
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Reduces excessive effect of phlegm and vāta
12दाडिमपत्रम्PomegranatePunica granatum
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>cures cough
>stimulates appetite
>keeps off fatigue
>improves taste
13देवदारुपत्रम्Himalayan CedarCedrus deodara / deodar
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·       reduces excessive effect of phlegm and vāta good for all sorts of diabetes
14मरुवकपत्रम्Sweet / common basilOcimum basilicum
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Cures leprosy and skin diseases
15सिन्धूरपत्रम् / सिन्धुवारपत्रम्Chaste treeVitex trifolia
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>reduces excessive effect of phlegm and vāta
>cures cough, ear / nose troubles
16जातीपत्रम्White JasmineJasminum grandiflorum
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>remover of phlegm
>regulates metabolic issues
>cures leprosy, eye diseases, vāta  related illnesses
17अगस्त्यपत्रम्LinseedAgasi Sesbania grandiflora
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lessens stress, strain and Cures cough
18शमीपत्रम्ShamiProsoopis spicigera
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>cures dysentery
>enhances hair growth
19अश्वत्थपत्रम्PeepalFicus religiosa
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>cures phlegm
>regulates metabolic imbalances
>pacifies thirst
>cures gynec related issues
20अर्जुनपत्रम्ArjunaTerminalia Arjuna
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>removes phlegm
>heals wounds
>prevents metabolic disorders
>pacifies thirst
>removes stones in excretory system
21अर्कपत्रम्Giant Milk WeedCalotropics gigantia
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Cures –
. itching
. leukoderma
. wounds
. other skin related problems

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Name – Vinay C (Sharma)

Designation – Linguist

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