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This is a humble attempt to compile all the Sanskrit related content links on the web at one place (in no particular order). This is a part of our kartavya-seva to help all the Saṃskṛta-Saṃskṛti-Saṃskāra knowledge enthusiasts. Please click on the respective tab below to view relevant details.

Repositories of Sanskrit Texts
Video Based Learning
Magazines & Journals
Computational Tools
Tools for Typing, OCR, Fonts
1Portal to Sanskrit ResourcesHas more than 100 links from on various headings – updated as of 17th March 2021


2Sanskrit LibraryA vast collection of texts in IAST format, accurately proofread and tagged


3eBooks and Texts Internet ArchiveScanned versions of most printed books available as PDF. Audio books and Manuscript images are also available.


archive.org - texts

4Sanskrit DocumentsWide collection of texts available in multiple scripts.
Links to manylearning & dictionary resources, processing tools are also available




5Register of Electronic Texts in Indian LanguagesMachine-readable texts in Indian Languages
Cumulative download and individual download available


6Repository of rawetextsVedas, puranas, grammar and other texts, raw form.


7Dharma WikiAuthentic curated dharmic content on Indic knowledge .Collection of articles related to Veda, Vedanta, Dharma, Sastras, Yajnas, temples, etc.


8Sanskrit WikisWikipedia articles, source texts and dictionaries in Sanskrit

  1. https://sa.wikipedia.org/wiki/मुख्यपृष्ठम् 

  2. https://sa.wikisource.org/wiki/मुख्यपृष्ठम् 

  3. https://sa.wikibooks.org/wiki/मुख्यपृष्ठम् 

  4. https://sa.wiktionary.org/wiki/मुख्यपृष्ठम्

9Gita Supersite - IITKInitially built for Bhagavadgita, now contains Ramayana, Shankara granthas and upanishads - original texts with multiple commentaries.

  1. gitasupersite

  2. valmiki

  3. sankara

  4. upanishads

10Vedic HeritageOne of largest repositories of audio, video and text for Vedas, Vedangas.


11SanskritwebFonts, Vedic texts with svara, dictionaries, Other topics


12Sanskrit E-BooksLarge repository of downloadable e-books in Sanskrit


13SanskritworldTo make the scriptures available in Devanagari Unicode format which is easy to search.


14SARIT (Search & Retrieval of Indic texts)60 documents in XML


15Muktabodha Digital LibrarySearchable texts, Paper Transcripts of the IFP,


16Wilbourhall (select Sanskrit) / SansknetCollaborative work of many organisations – large repository of Indic knowledge

  1. wilbourhall.org

  2. wilbourhall - sansknet

  3. nsktu

17Veda documentsMultilingual Vedic texts


18Sringeri-Advaita SharadaSearchable Prasthanatrayam, prakaranagrantha, and others


19Yoga VaisharadiTexts with commentaries on Yoga philosophy


20UpanishadsVMLT, SAFIC initiative – Major & Minor Upanishads


21Jain literatureancient and contemporary Jain literature


22Central Sanskrit UniversityCollaborative work of many organisations – large repository of Indic knowledge

  1. ebooks

  2. Manuscripts

  3. ASSP

  4. About Sanskrit

23Books - GoogleCan search within the book, kindle or physical purchase


24Master wiki of stotrasStotras, ashtottaras, sahasranamas, etc.



25Multi-collectioncollaborative platform on 'Sanskrit & Indology' studies



26AshtadhyayiComprehensive resource for searchable hyperlinked texts on Vyakarana shastra


27Maharshi Vedic sciencePdf files for vidyasthaanas



28BORI librarySubscription Model for full access


29Sanskrit at the University of Texas at AustinCollection of Dharmashastra texts in English transliteration


30Bhagavadgita searchSearch word


31Vaishnava philosophyFew links on Vaishnavism


Srivaishnava Granthams


32Ved PuranAudio files in Hindi


33Vande Mataram LibrarySearchable collection of texts


34Itihasa Purana - RamayaynamRamayana with peetika, padaccheda, anvaya.


Raghuvamsha, Gitagovindam, Krishnakarnamritam, etc.


includes Audio, lectures in Tamil.


  1. Vyoma Samskrita Patashala – Youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/LearnSanskritOnlinevyomasamskrtapathasala
  2. The Sanskrit Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSanskritChannel
  3. Indic Academy https://www.youtube.com/c/IndicAcademy
  4. Advaita Academy https://www.youtube.com/c/AdvaitaAcademy
  5. Indica Yoga https://www.youtube.com/c/IndicaYoga
  6. Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, especially OLA series https://www.youtube.com/c/ChinmayaUniversity
  7. Shaale.com – free and paid lessons in Traditional arts & literature https://www.youtube.com/user/shaaledotcom
  8. Vaidic Gurukulam वैदिक गुरुकुलम् https://www.youtube.com/c/VaidicGurukulam
  1. Go through Koshadarshanam – unique course on available dictionaries for Sanskrit and how to use them to get the maximum benefit-  https://www.sanskritfromhome.in/course/koshadarshanam/
  2.  https://kosha.sanskrit.today/
  3. https://ashtadhyayi.com/kosha/
  4. https://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/ Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries (36) 
  5. Git Hub – Lexicons, Stardict, colordict, etc. Mobile Usage. Sanskrit koshas (74 koshas bare text)- https://github.com/sanskrit-kosha/kosha 
  6. Sanskrit koshas (74 koshas in searchable format) – https://www.sanskritworld.in/sanskrittool/kosha-search/kosha.html
  7. Mobile Apps – Shabdakalpadruma (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.shrutijha.sanskrit_sanskrit&hl=en_IN&gl=US&pli=1), Vachaspatyam (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.srujanjha.vachaspatyam&hl=en_IN&gl=US)
  8. Digital Dictionaries of South Asia (i.e. India)- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/
  9. Apte https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/apte/
  10. संस्कृतकोशसमुच्चयः – Andhra Bharati Team http://www.andhrabharati.com/dictionary/sanskrit/index.php
  11. http://amara.aupasana.com/ (searchable amara) 
  12.  https://github.com/novikovag/sandic (earlier: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sandic/)
  13. Spokensanskrit.org  – now learnsanskrit.cc
No.Website NameWebsite LinkShort Description
1Samsādhanīsanskrit.uohyd.ac.inThis website enables one to explore Ancient Sciences and Technologies. Has many tools that provide the basic knowledge of Sanskrit grammar related to word formation, Sandhi, Samāsa and Kāraka. One can access the original Sanskrit texts with some effort.
2Online Sanskrit toolstdil-dc.inThis tool provides conversion facility among the romanised transliteration schemes into Devanagari and also from Devanagari into various romanised transliteration schemes. This site also provides tools for analysis of Sanskrit processing: morphological analysis and generation, segmentation, sandhi splitter, and parsing.
3Computational Linguistics – R&Dsanskrit.jnu.ac.inThis network has been designed to provide special tools in Sanskrit analysis like - Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, Sanskrit informatics, Sanskrit computing, Sanskrit language processing, Sanskrit and computer, computer processing of Sanskrit, subanta, tiṅanta, POS tagger, tagset, Indian languages, linguistics, amarakośa, Mahābhārata, search engine, Bhāratīya tradition/heritage, Machine translation, AI, MT divergence, Sandhi, kṛdanta, taddhita, e-learning, corpus, e-text, e-text, Sanskrit blog, Pāṇini, Bhartṛhari, Patañjali, kāraka, aṣṭādhyāyī, indexer, indexing, lexical resources, Sanskrit, thesaurus, samāsa, gender analysis in Sanskrit to Hindi (saHiT), language technology, NLP, Transliterator, Transliteration and so on.
4Lexical Databasecfilt.iitb.ac.inThis webpage has been designed to provide a lexical database for Sanskrit. It is related to source materials like - Multilingual wordnets and ontologies and their linking, resolving word and attachment ambiguities, identifying correct parts of speech, named entities and non-recursive noun phrases for Marathi and Hindi, Indian language query to English and Hindi Retrieval,  automatic translation involving Marathi, Hindi and English, testing if a piece text (hypothesis) is inferable from another (text), detecting polarity-positive/negative/neutral- of a given document, especially reviews, studying cognitive aspects of language processing and understanding using eye-tracking. All these are processed with help of CFILT - Computation for Indian Language Technology that primarily focuses on deep semantics and multilinguality that played a pivotal role in these activities by laying stress on semantics has led to research in the above mentioned areas.
5Sanskrit Worldsanskritworld.inThis website consists of a wide subject-heterogeneity in Sanskrit like: collection of e-books, research papers, online computational tools – accent generator, kosha search, sandhi generator, subanta/tiṅanta generator. Additionally it also has distinct sections like – samāsa, alaṅkāra and M.Phil theses collection from different Universities of Bhārata.
6Saṃbhāṣāsambhasha.ksu.ac.inThe primary intent of this website is to develop various computational tools for Sanskrit and allied languages like -
Mahākośa- a kośa data navigation tool.
Āyussaṃkṛtam-Courseware for Āyurvedic Medical students.
Tarkasaṅgrahaḥ Ontologicalknowledge representation
Vāṅmayī-e Create text – explore the meaning.
Sāṅgaṇikapāli-Pali language tools
Prācīnanyāyaḥ-Ontological knowledge representation
Sandhi Splitting tool 
Bhaṭṭikāvya-nandinī-Explore Bhattikavya with Kāraka dependency diagram
Vaijayantīkośa-Knowledge net
Nāmadhāturūpikā-Denominative verbs
Śabdakautukam-Practice noun forms
Anvayacitraṇam-tool Draw relations
7Sanskrit Readersanskritreader.deThis network contains links to linguistic and philological databases, computational tools and resources for analysing and annotating Sanskrit texts. It is named after the software "Sanskrit Reader", an integrated program for digitizing and tagging Sanskrit texts. This program has been split into the tagging software "Sanskrit Tagger" and the OCR engines. In addition, it presents an introduction into the tradition of Bhāratīya alchemy – a witchcraft that developed in medieval forerunner of Bhāratīya Chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir. One such very famous alchemists in the recent times was Cherukumilli Veṅkaṭa Lakṣmī Narasiṃha Rāo (famous known as Pāmula Narasayya) who also had marvellous miraculous powers of removing the toxicity of a snake bite without even viewing/touching the patient.
8The Sanskrit Heritage Sitesanskrit.inria.frThe Sanskrit Heritage Site provides various services for the computational treatment for Sanskrit like –
Dictionary Access (with morphology generator), a rich encyclopaedic content about Bhāratīya Culture and other phonological tools like parser and so on.
9Digital Corpus of Sanskritsanskrit-linguistics.orgThis forum is a sandhi-spilt corpus of Sanskrit texts with morphological and lexical analysis. It has been designed for text historical research in Sanskrit linguistics and philology wherein the users can search for words and their collocations in a corpus of more than 48 lakh manually tagged words in 6 lakh plus text lines.


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