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A unique Sanskrit Learning bundle for self paced learning

Personal Sanskrit Companion for Kids

Your Kid’s Sanskrit best friend

Bhagavadgita book

Vyoma’s masterpiece – Srimad Bhagavad Gita book for beginners

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Power of Sanskrit - Why Sanskrit

Want to know Why Sanskrit?

Sanskrit for Rural, Tribal & Govt Schools

Achieving this through the Aapatsahaaya Foundation, a registered public charitable trust formed by a group of selfless, like-minded, and committed individuals, hailing from different professional backgrounds. Supporting the heads of various rural-based, tribal-based, government, and non-governmental organizations.

Sanskrit as a Medicine

From the CEO

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The link between chanting Sanskrit Shlokas and prāṇāyāma was mind-blowing.
We experienced the power of chanting Sanskrit shlokas, we realize the benefits and we would spread this during our Yoga sessions

Ms. Aarathi & Ms. Lakshmi, Manhattan, New York
Students of a famous Yoga Institute in New York

Thanks to Vyoma Labs, distance and language are no longer barriers to a spiritual seeker living outside India. I am grateful to all of you for your help with my spiritual journey, which has had a profound impact on my day to day interactions and activities as well.

Ms. Rita Badami
Retired Corporate Benefits Professional, Boston, USA

The webinar sessions on the Bhagavad Gītā are helping me a lot in learning the Gītā. It has improved my pronunciation, concentration, memory, patience and discipline. It has helped my learning of Sanskrit language and Carnatic Vocal music.

Kum. Neha Anisetty
Student, Class VII, Bangalore, India

Thanks to Vyoma’s Sanskrit e-learning tools, am enjoying the bhāva in each kṛti more than ever and this instills strong-bhakti in lakhs of listeners too…
My heartfelt blessings to them

Braḥmaśrī Kalaimamani Dr. Udaiyalur Kalyanaraman
World’s leading nāmasaṅkīrtana exponent

The field of Samskritam needs such pioneering ventures to reach out to the people of the world in this contemporary era, who are in search of knowledge. This is a commendable effort. Way to go!

Dr. M Jayaraman
Assistant Director, Krishnamachari Yoga Mandiram

The products developed by the Vyoma team has come out well. Concept videos, audios and animations are very informative. The products are highly recommended for students and teachers.

Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi Ph.D
Vice Chancellor of Central Sanskrit University

“हार्दानि अभिनन्दनानि चिरमभिवर्धनां संस्कृत श्रीः।”

Vyoma Should stive to become a Virtual Sanskrit University as early as possible.

Late. Prof. M A Lakshmithathachar
President, Samskriti Foundation, Mysore

Vyoma’s Activities

Comprehensively trying to answer these 4 questions related to Saṃskṛta -Saṃskṛti-Saṃskāra (SSS)

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