Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Patashala (Culture for Kids)

5 year, daily, online patashaala for children (6-13yrs) to instill SSS consciousness


VSVP is dedicated to providing consistent and structured exposure to SSS every weekday, with the aim of instilling a positive influence on children. This approach will facilitate a deeper understanding and integration of these teachings into their daily lives, ultimately leading to their holistic personal development.
Moreover, this initiative will empower children to view the pursuit of Sanskrit or the study of Indic Knowledge Systems as a potential life mission or career path. It will also serve to enrich their family’s cultural values, fostering an environment that benefits society at large.
By nurturing these future torchbearers, we are nurturing contributors rather than mere consumers in our community.

Sponsorship Amount = Rs 1000/- per student, per week

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