Vyoma Samskrta Bhavanam

Vyoma is planning to have a Unique Sanskrit Experience Centre of its own where people can collaborate for the sake of Saṃskṛta-Saṃskṛti-Saṃskāra prachara. The bhavanam is proposed to have the following spaces.  

    1. Knowledge Creation Centre: Working space with meeting rooms, lunch space (mini-pantry), etc. for employees, volunteers, consultants, teachers – Currently 30 sevavrathees. (expected 50+) – 5000sqft. 
    2. E-learning Teaching Centre:  (4 rooms) – 300 sqft each   
    3. Sanskrit Class-Rooms (5 numbers): for regular face to face classes, lectures, discourses, etc.- 1000sq ft each    
    4. Vyoma Sanskrit Digital experience Centre: (A Computer lab consisting products and tools of vyoma labs which can be experienced directly with support of Instructors) – 1500sq ft  
    5. Sound-proof Audio-Visual recording facility (2) – 700 sq ft 
    6. Saṃskṛta-Auditorium/ Lecture Hall/ Community Centre – (seating capacity of 75-100) – 1500 sqft.  
    7. Public Sanskrit Library – currently 7,000 books available. – 1100sq ft. (Digital library may be separate)
    8. Research Centre – 2500 sqft

Total estimated space required is 20,000 sq. feet. Land required for the same is estimated to be 50×80 sq. feet.