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Existing Learning Projects

Sanskrit From Home

The largest repository of “structured Sanskrit e-learning content”. Enabling 43,000+ Committed Learners in Saṃskṛta-Saṃskṛti-Saṃskāra through 250+ available free courses, 58+ Inspirational Teachers, 15+ Free Apps, etc.
Currently, this site is enhanced with more learner-friendly features for Automated Certification, etc. The mobile app is planned for the near future.

Digital Sanskrit Guru

“Digital Sanskrit Guru” is the world’s only destination for technology-based Personalised Sanskrit Companion (PSC) and tools for enhancing your Saṃskṛta Saṃskṛti and Saṃskāra.



Sanskrit for Rural, Tribal & Govt Schools

Achieving this through the Aapatsahaaya Foundation, a registered public charitable trust formed by a group of selfless, like-minded, and committed individuals, hailing from different professional backgrounds. Supporting the heads of various rural-based, tribal-based, government, and non-governmental organizations.


Breakfast and lunch for about 20-25 Vyoma employees are provided every day. Sponsors are solicited for the same.

Sponsoring Teachers of Vyoma

All the course at Vyoma are free. However most of the teachers are getting a ‘gaurava-dhanam’ for their service. Sponsors are solicited for the same.

Upcoming Projects

Vyoma Samskrta Bhavanam

Vyoma is planning to have a Unique Sanskrit Experience Centre of its own where people can collaborate for the sake of Saṃskṛta-Saṃskṛti-Saṃskāra prachara.

Enabling 1-on-1 Learning

We would like to connect eligible teachers to interested students in order to enable 1-on-1 learning. We are working on this.