Karyakrama Nidhi (Sponsorship for events)

कर्ता कारयिता चैव प्रेरकश्चानुमोदकः।
सुकृते दुष्कृते चैव चत्वारः समभागिनः॥

In any action, the one who does (kartā), one who makes it done (kārayitā), the one who inspires (prerakaḥ), and the one who approves (anumodakaḥ), get an equal share of a good deed.

Vyoma conducts various events, viz. Ramayana Parayanam, Sundarakanda Parayanam, book or product release functions, etc., with the purpose of spreading invaluable knowledge to everyone.

Sponsor the events and be the kartā-s, kārayitā-s, preraka-s and anumodaka-s for the events.

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