By Vyoma Team / April 16, 2024

What is the symbolism of Rāmanavamī and how is it relevant for today’s generation?

The festival of Rāmanavamī celebrates Bhagavān Srīrāma's birth, an incarnation of Bhagavān Viṣṇu. It occurs on the ninth day after...

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By Vyoma Team / March 7, 2024

Don’t Miss this ‘High-Impact, less-time-effort-’ occasion: Mahāśivarātri

Mahāśivarātri (शिवस्य रात्रिः = शिवरात्रिः, महती शिवरात्रिः = The great night of Bhagavān Śiva) is an auspicious occasion celebrated worldwide....

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Bhīṣma-aṣṭamī and Its Significance
By Vyoma Team / February 16, 2024

Venerating the Warrior of Virtue: Bhīṣma-aṣṭamī and Its Significance

1. Introduction to Bhīṣma: Celebrating the Warrior of Virtue Śrī Bhīṣma pitāmaha is one of the most revered characters in...

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By Vyoma Team / February 15, 2024

Rathasaptamī Revelations: Expressing Gratitude, Embracing Tradition and Celebrating Spirituality

1. Greatness of Sūrya Bhagavān Sūrya Bhagavān is a pratyakṣa devatā, who is the Supreme Reality.  Expressing our gratitude to...

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By vinay c sharma / September 19, 2023

Medicinal Value of 21 Kinds of Leaves that are offered in Gaṇeśa-pūjā

If there is one festival that sweeps across Bhārata with a wave of joy, music, and vibrance, it is Gaṇeśa-caturthi....

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By R S Hariharan / September 19, 2023

Unveiling the Mysteries of Ganapati: His Origins and Significance

Historical Significance of Ganapati The very thought of Gaṇeśa brings to the mind the festival of Gaṇeśa caturthī. The festival...

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