Boost the energy of sevavrathees doing seva at Vyoma Kaaryalaya

There are around 25-30 employees and volunteers who work for the cause of SSS at the Vyoma Bangalore Office. Satwick breakfast, lunch and fruits are provided to everyone at Vyoma Karyalaya. Sponsor this Anna daanam and support the SSS Seva of Vyoma.”

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The scriptures provide pramana for the greatness of Annadaanam

भूमिदानसहस्रेण गोप्रदानं विशिष्यते ।। १५ ।।
गोप्रदानसहस्रेभ्यो ह्यन्नदानं विशिष्यते ।।
स्कन्दपुराणम्/खण्डः २ (वैष्णवखण्डः)/कार्तिकमासमाहात्म्यम्/अध्यायः ०२)”
अन्ने श्रितानि भूतानि
अन्नं प्राणमिति श्रुतिः ।
तस्मादन्नं प्रदातव्य-
मन्नं हि परमं हविः ॥
बोधायनस्मृतिः २/३/६८.
  • For a handful of parchedrice Bhakta-Sudhama was blessed with all the riches in the world by Shri Krishna.
  • Shibhi-chakravarthi gave the flesh of his thigh as Anna to the Eagle to save the life of a pigeon.
  • The story of Rantideva donating his entire food and water after 45 days of fasting and getting the blessings of Trinity is very famous.
  • Devi Parvati is in the form of Annapoorna in Kashi giving food to Lord Vishwanatha and everyone in the world. Anna-daanam is a great act of Charity which is practised by generations.
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